Air Jordan 15

The Air Jordan 15, also known as the Jordan 15, is a Jordan Brand basketball shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1999. It represents a departure from the traditional Jordan design language and features a more futuristic and avant-garde look.
The upper of the Air Jordan 15 is made from a combination of woven fabric and leather, giving it a unique texture and modern aesthetic. The upper of the shoe is designed to resemble the shape of a fighter jet, with smooth lines and curves.
One of the most distinctive elements of the Air Jordan 15 is the tongue, which extends higher over the shin and is held in place with an elastic band that offers a sock-like fit.
The shoe features a hidden lacing system that adds to the sleek and streamlined look.
The Air Jordan 15 features a Phylon midsole with Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel that provide responsive cushioning and impact protection for comfort and performance on the basketball court.
The outsole of the Air Jordan 15 features a unique pattern of herringbone and diamond-shaped traction lugs that provide excellent grip and traction for quick cuts and movements.
The design of the Air Jordan 15 was inspired by Michael Jordan’s style of play, which he likened to the agility and precision of a fighter jet in motion. The shoe’s bold design and unique features set it apart from previous Air Jordan models, making it a distinctive sneaker with collector value for athletes and sneaker fans. However, it wasn’t as popular as some of its predecessors due to its unconventional design and limited edition.

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